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About Esspeans

It is primarily a body of Ex-students which also includes Ex-teachers and Ex-staff of Sainik School Purulia, West Bengal, India. The Group is Registered in the Name and style of ‘Association for Ex-Sainik School Puruleans’ under the West Bengal Societies Act XXVI of 1961. The need for a platform for Ex-Purulions was felt by a few like-minded alumni and Ex-teachers of Sainik School Purulia in the early-1980s and ESSPEANS was born.

ESSPEANS has since been growing. Any Ex-student of Sainik School Purulia is eligible to become a member of ESSPEANS by payment of the Membership fee. The ESSPEANS is guided by its constitution and is run by the Executive Committee comprising elected office-bearers of the Association. Sainik schools were created with a view to have an all India representation in the officers’ carder of the newly found republic to replace the old guards from the British Indian army. The idea was conceived by Pt. Jwaharlal Nehru and was to be implemented by respective states through a centrally controlled body. West Bengal, under the stewardship of the illustrious chief minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy took it up as a serious project and the chief minister was personally involved in the design and selection of school management.

Initially founded near a village by the name New Bongaigaon, near Panchet Hills in the Purulia district in 1962 under the leadership of Colonel. S Mazumdar, the school shifted to its new location with a 239 acre campus in Jan 1965, barely five kilometers north of the Purulia town. The construction designs were personally looked in to by the Chief Minister. The view of school administrative block from the top (Plan view) is of the shape of an aircraft. The primary aim of the school remained to prepare children from the state, from all strata of the society, through a competitive entrance test, to join the armed forces as officers and to serve the nation.

To that end, the primary training involved preparing children physically and mentally to develop leadership qualities through an academic and physical training curriculum. Various other states from the eastern part of the country, not having adequate resources to have their own sainik school at that point of time, were also accommodated in Sainik School Purulia, which added a cosmopolitan and pluralistic environment for growth of the children. Designed to be the only residential English medium public school in the state, the school has contributed substantially to the officer corps of the armed forces and continues to do so till date. To name all of them will be too large a list but suffices to say the last Chief of the Air Staff and the Deputy Army Chief were both from Sainik School Purulia. With a strong faculty for academic excellence, the school has also generated several other high fliers in many other professions, both at home and abroad. The average success rate has been very high and still remains so for others to emulate.

Aims & Objects

(i) Encourage and motivate students to join Indian armed forces.
(ii) To extend help both kind (prize, scholarship, book etc.) to deseving students of deserving students of sainik school Purulia for pursuing their studies.
(iii) To extend help both kind in building and/or maintaining infrastructure for educational and extra-curricular activities for students in Sainik School Purulia.
(iv) To arrange lectures, debates, discussion, and organize workshop, seminar, symposia etc. on occasional basis on various topics of academic interest with the ultimate objective to disseminate knowledge and develop leadership qualities among students of Sainik School Purulia.
(v) To provide career guidance to students passing out from Sainik School Purulia.
(vi) To take up any other philanthropic activities that may not be specifically maintioned in the forgoing objects but which shall not be under provision of section 4(2) of the Act.


(i) The association shall not take up any object for the purpose of earning of its members.
(ii) The objects shall always remain restricted within the scope of Section 4(2) of the Act.
(iii) The refuge of the W.B.Societies Registration Act,1961 shall not be taken to avoid the application of and registration under other Acts, wherever required, such as W.B. Apartment Ownership Act, W.B. Co-operative Societies Act etc.
(iv) The income generated from the association or properties built out of the association's fund shall not be utilized for consumption of or distribution amongst the members of the association and these shall be ploughed back to the activities of the association in their entirely for furtherance and fulfillment of the objects of the association.
(v) The terms of employment,provident fund etc.,applicable to the employees of theassociation, or any other matter having no direct relationship with the matters of registeration shall not come under the scope of memorandum of association and such matters shall be settled between parties related there to in appropriate for or couts of law depending upon the nature of the matters.

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