Dear ESSPEANS Dadas, Bhais and Choto Choto Bhais,

I write this note with a great sense of Gratitude that you all have bestowed up on me a chance to steer the ESSPEANS Community for Two Years since December 2022. I have nearly travelled 25% of the distance. It has been a very full filling and enriching journey. I have learnt so much about the Community. I am indebted to each one of you for helping my learning graph and your emotional and intellectual support.

The Association has started working on the GO GREEN SSP Project following the footsteps of our very illustrious predecessors. The Pilot Project has entered the Crucial Stage of testing. We hope to complete the Pilot Project by July 2023. My Team is committed to revert to you with the Periodic Progress Report. We are Grateful for Individual and Batch Contributions in support of the Project.

I also wish to very humbly acknowledge the huge contributions made by so many earlier for very noble causes like helping with fund raising for Medical Treatment of Staff Member’s Daughter, Students’ Medical Treatment, helping needy Alumni in difficult situations, Construction of Amphitheater, Shades, Parents Guest Rooms, Motivational Hall, Donation of Audio Visual Systems to the Cadets’ Mess, Donation of Solar Panels for the Houses, Presenting of Computers to the School Computer Lab, Presentation of Drones and Plantation Drive at different locations in the School. We admit that the earlier contributions have NOT gotten the due recognition since these activities were done in an era where social platforms were either nonexistent or not as visible as of today. My humble Request to the Entire ESSPEANS Brotherhood is to give a Standing Ovation to all those silent philanthropists. I would also request the respective Batch Co-coordinators to kindly share the details of various such activities undertaken by the respective Batch so that the same can be documented for Posterity and We can bow our head in reverence to your contribution.

Wishing you all Subho Naba Barsho, Eid Mubarak and Greetings on Akshay Tritya. Let us rededicate ourselves for the Future as enshrined in our Holy Scripture on this auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya.

With regards and best wishes to all,
Santanu Jha

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